Sunday, March 30, 2008

Buttons again.

This one?
or this one?
I don't usually have this much problem deciding on things. But I don't know which one looks best. I'm not even leaning towards one or the other. And this is all after an hour at Addicted to Fabric sitting in front of all their wonderful buttons.
I would like to decide before I give it to the owner. And her personality isn't really one or the other either. I'm seeing some of my knitting friends next weekend so I guess I will ask their opinion and then see how I feel.
Hope you all had fun in the dark last night! I turned everything off and looked out my window -every neighbour had lights on and every street light was on! Really disappointing. But glad to see a lot of others in Canberra did the right little thing to help our planet's resources. Cheers all!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Munchkin's Cobblestone Pullover

I finished Munchkin's sweater this afternoon. I like the finished sweater but it was boring as bat droppings after the Nantucket Jacket. Usually I like something a little less complicated after a project that I have had to pay attention to, but this was too much of a less complicated thing! Anyway, it's finished and I know it will stand him in good stead for one of his winter garments. He isn't hard wearing on clothes, but stuff has to get washed a lot - so it's knit from washable Classic from Bendigo - in Denim Mix.
I'll wash and block it tomorrow and give it to him next week, see how it fits, then I'll take a photo with him in it.
Now, I want to knit something for me!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Kat's Hat and tears!

I have a friend who has a birthday coming up and with the day so cold, I thought I would start a hat for her. So, after an early morning trip to the airport I put on a DVD and pulled out some old wool. I don't know where this wool came from. I don't have any lables anymore. But it is nice and soft wool, so perfect for a warm red hat.

Well, I thought I was just going to watch a little more of Love My Way and knit some on a hat. Have you seen this series? I have seldom seen anything so devastating. I don't think I have cried as much watching TV ever! I could not stop watching it, I could not stop crying and I could not put down my knitting. It's 8 hours later now and I still feel so emotional. This is a really excellent show but if you watch it, be prepared for it to break your heart.

But there is a little red hat out of the whole ordeal....

And I think she will like it. I started off with a plan but lost it some where along the way and just let my fingers do the knitting.

Now it's back to the cobblestone jumper (boring round and round) and the rugby. I hope this jumper fits my young lad because I won't knit this again. Really - it's 16 inches of straight knitting - and that's just the body - the arms are just the same straight knitting. But I will persevere.

By the way, Olivia, the Nantuket Jacket is Filaturea Di Crosa Zara - the same wool every knitter in Canberra will have a garment out of thanks to Cassidy's great sale. I was at the very end of the sale so thankfully, missed out on a lot of the deals. I have enough to keep me busy for a very long time without more temptations now (seriously limited budget at the mo!)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy and a little sad.

This is a new one for me. I actually feel a little sad that Cathy's Nantucket Jacket is finished - all but the button shopping (which I am looking forward to!) and sewing on of. I am usually really happy to finish a project.

Maybe it's because I had to fiddle so much with the pattern to make it the right size it was like I'd put a bit more of myself into the making than just knitting it ('just' she says!!)

Maybe it's because the knitting of this jacket saw me through a bit of a bad patch for me - but believe me, it has nothing but good vibes attached to it.

Maybe because I am giving it to someone else to wear - even though that person is my sister in heart and I would do anything for her.

Maybe because I just loved knitting it.

But I feel a bit sad that the journey is over.

But believe me, the 'happy' is the bigger part of the completion. I can't wait to give it to her and take a photo of it on it's owner to show you.

Sorry - the photo is a little blurry but I'm not going to take another one 'til it is completely finished and on it's master.

Even now, the next day after the needles are back in their holder and the yarn ends have been collected from the living room floor, I am hankering for another big project. I guess today will be the start of the Cobblestone pullover for Munchkin.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Knitting for the traveler.

What do you knit for a young friend who is going traveling for 6 months, going into summer, with limited backpack space?
I must admit I saw these online, somewhere, a long while ago - don't even remember where, but I have knit a few and they are always a hit.
Good way to use up those left over bits of sock yarn.
Mmm - wonder what else I can knit a sock for?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Knitting a sweater.

Most knitters that I know, in person and in blogland need to have a few projects on the go, a few projects ready to start and several projects in their mind or they feel panic and distress. They also need to have a few books on the nightstand or they feel naked and vulnerable. I guess I am the same.

But I have been concentrating mostly on my Nantucket Jacket and I am not a very fast knitter so it is taking me a long time. I have finished the back and one side, working on the other side. And loving it! It's an interesting knit, challenging enough but not stressful.

Along with knitting mostly one project, a trip to Melbourne, dental surgery and a new tenant, I have been blogless for a while.

But now there are these.....

Lovely Evelyn Clark 'Go with the flow socks' - second pair out of Favorite Socks.

And this - another hottie bottie cover for a birthday present for a friend.
With i-cord buttons. I like them.

Now back to my lovely sweater! See ya.