Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black Hoodie

I didn't take a photo of this hoodie all nicely laid out on the quilt or hanging on the padded hanger at home like I should have. So just before I mailed it off I asked the mail lady to model it for photos. She is about 12 inches shorter than my son's partner - whom it is made for. But you get the idea. (those are thumb holes in the sleeves btw)
Now the story of this hoodie is kind of funny. My son has decided that his 5 month old son needs to wear clothes that are like his. If my son wears camo cargo pants then Jax wears camo cargo pants. If my son wears a green hoodie then Jax has to wear a green hoodie as well. Well, my son has a black leather jacket with two white stripes on the sleeve so Jax got a black leather jacket with two white stripes on the sleeve with a skull and cross bones on the back. But what about mum? She got left out so.....
Grandma to the rescue (with permission) and now mummy has a black hoodie (not leather but Elizabeth Lavold Eucool wool - lovely to knit with and lovely to feel once washed) so they look like a real tribe when they are out together.
Eucool is part wool and part eucalyptus fiber. I got it in the states on my last trip. And the hoodie is pretty much just knit as I went with a zipper closing (that was interesting!)
I hope she likes the result and hopefully she will send me a proper photo with her in it!