Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've been having some fun sewing.

A good friend sent me some photos of her darling little granddaughter and I had an overwhelming urge to knit her another little cotton cardigan. This one is a Debbie Bliss wrap around. More pic when it is done.

I have been quilting some, too. I collected this feedsack material over the past couple of years with full intent of recreating my Granny's unfinished quilt. She made it with papers and it is all hand pieced. I just couldn't take on another long-term project so I am making a Wonky Log Cabin Quilt from Block Party. I am enjoying putting this together now that I have more whold days off from work.

I also sewed some aprons. One half apron and one full with a little Collett Dinigan lace off-cut for friends having birthdays. One's been delivered and the other hasn't yet. It's been a bit hard to get to the post office with a broken toe. But my foot is much better now so it will be mailed on Monday. I hope they like them.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bridal Shrug

I have had the honor of, again, knitting something for a bride. This is Cascade Yarn's Something Lacy Shrug, knit from Bendigo cotton. This is the exception of the year of knitting for me. In fact, I have right now decided that that rule of knitting only for me this year, is going to be tossed out the proverbial window.

I have enough knitted stuff to last me quite a while. I will knit myself one beret starting this coming weekend when I have some time to go through all of my magazines and books to find the perfect pattern. And I am working on a sock yarn blankie for myself, but then I think it is time to knit for children again. The world is a better place when all of my friends under 5 years old are dressed in handknit garments.

One of my son's good friends, who is also a friend of mine now, lost her dog a few months ago. He had bone cancer and was quietly, lovingly put to sleep. I made her this silly little pin in memory of Moose. He was a good dog.