Monday, June 29, 2009

Tangled Cable for a friend

About two years ago I told my two of my oldest girlfriends (oldest meaning I have known them for a long time - not that they are old) that I would knit them sweaters. This is Shirl's. She hasn't seen it. She didn't pick out the pattern. She told me the colour she would like but she didn't approve the wool - which is Bendigo. It's a big gamble because it won't fit me (way to small) if she doesn't like it.
But I like it. A lot. And it was a fun knit. I did dedicate a whole Sunday to knitting the tangled yoke. And it took the whole Sunday - I'm not a fast knitter.
I will try to get a photo of it on her as soon as I block it and give it to her. Cross your fingers and bite your toes she likes it!!
Oh, and by the way, have you seen the new stamped envelopes at the post office? Aren't they great.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Husky cap and mitts

Go Huskies! The Huskies is the name of every sporting team from the University of Washington in Seattle. People in the know call them the Dawgs! The Husky softball team (women) are the 2009 national champions. My brother gets season's tickets to the men's Husky basketball team games every year. And the most thrilling sporting event ever was the Husky football game I went to with my brother where we sat in the 101st row of an outdoor stadium called Husky Stadium. In Seattle there is Husky stuff everywhere - even the best ice cream in the world comes from a deli called Huskies and is called Husky flake!
I bought this sock wool in Seattle about 4 years ago and yes, it is the Husky colors of purple and gold. I've looked at for a really a long time but didn't want Husky socks so....

I knitted Husky mitts and a Husky hat. No one here will know anything about the UofW colors but if I wore these in Seattle everyone would instantly know that these were their favourite college football, basketball, softball, rowing, baseball, whatever, team's colors. I just like them.

You know what else I have in my stash? Seattle Mariner's colors sock wool too! And I don't want to make socks out of it either. I wonder if it will take me 4 years to decide what to knit out of it?