Sunday, April 25, 2010

Six months since I blogged

Wow - I really thought I would never blog again but I realized I miss it - not that I have a huge (or any for that matter) following - but I love reading other's blogs so I will try again. I love knitting too, so along with work, uni and other committments I want to keep this blog going.
My big news is I have a new grandson. Oh, he is just the joy of my life even tho he lives in another country and I only see him on Skype now, but I was with him on his first day and for 4 weeks after. So knitting has been mostly all about him for the last 6 months but now he is going into summer and I have a couple other knitting projects on the go.
The blanket is EZ's Mystery Blanket knit with Bendigo cotton - big mistake. The blanket is just gorgeous but there are a lot of ends to weave and I am worried about the washing machine undoing some of them. It was a real joy to knit so I'm OK with it falling apart but next time it will be in wool or a blend so the ends felt in. The little sweaters are just my own design and I must say - if you have never knit for someone you love but whom you have yet to meet - you should try it.
My God Daughter is getting married in June, outside in a garden. She has a beautifly sleeveless dress so she needs a shawl/cape. This is a mix of pure cashmere and a cashmere silk blend. How will I ever go back to plain old wool again? Hee hee! I'll post a photo of the finished and modelled finished item.

And socks for my new DIL's parents - shush - don't tell.

Nice to be back - Adios!