Friday, February 27, 2009

Hockney Nichols Canyon Road Pillow

Life continues to be a bit crazy and busy in my world. But I did have a lovely weekend down the coast with the girls (and their birthday presents). The Hockney Pillow was a hit, only because she is a big fan of his (not sure what he would think but he will never see it so who cares really).
(yes,they are in their pajamas - how else would you take a photo of pillows?)
We drank Hot Toddies, ate great Thai food made by our host, watched movies and talked all the way thru them. These girls are my heart friends so for me, it was just a great comfort to be in their company for two days straight.
I didn't take a very good photo of C's pillow on its own but - well, I'll show it to you anyway.
University has started and I have had four tutorials (hola chicas!) and one lecture. I'm busy already reading books for class so there hasn't been too much knitting and none to show. I'm also in the middle of another pillow - I'm addicted. Eek!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Squares and Hats

First of all - this is a very cool present my friend Eileen gave me - it's a quiver! It's old and fragile and very cool - I will put my favourite dpns in it.
I've been in a hat mood for some reason... can anyone guess why? It got cold and made me start to think about Winter. I'm not complaining because I am a winter girl. Last Fall I knit a lot of socks, this Fall will be hats.
An acrylic (yes, really! I have never knit with acrylic yarn before!) hat. It's not from a pattern - I just knit as I went. It's Lincraft yarn 'Surprise'. The proof will be in wearing. I just liked the colours.
This is Maizy - corn fiber yarn. I really love the colours. I had a vague memory of this pattern from somewhere but I just sort of put this together as well. Often my off-the-cuff patterns don't work out but a hat is not such a big committment if I have to rip, if I screw up.
On to a more important message. Corrine from Thicket is organising knitted blankets for the Victoria fire victims. I have a special motive to tell you about this project because when my son's house burnt down in the Canberra fires the wonderful quilters and crocheters of Australia made him a quilt and a crochet blanket that is still his cuddle blankie today. I really can't explain how wonderful it was to have something made with pure love to give him when everything he owned was gone.
I haven't asked Corrine if it is OK if I put her email on my blog so I am just going to say that she is asking for woolen squares and if you would like to contribute please email me and I will send you the details. rhonich at gmail dot com
Honestly, it is such an easy way to help but believe me, from one who has been there, these handmade items are treasures that people will keep forever, to remind them that the whole of the country was thinking of them. Dry goods, toilet paper, showers and soap are all very important in the immediate and all of those things were appreciated. But the thing that touched my heart deeply was the lovingly made quilt and the blanket.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Van Gogh

A while ago, in response to Pay It Forward, I had an idea to make a pillow out of knitted fabric that I could embroider on. I love knitting and I like embroidery. But now I absolutely adore embroidering on knitted squares.

This is the VG Starry Night pillow that I sent to Olivia. She blogged about a few weeks ago - luckily she liked it.
This is VG Sunflowers close up. It's for another friend whose birthday is tomorrow. She doesn't read blogs so I am safe posting about it here. It was great fun to make, again!
I love the whole 'painting' with fibre thing. BTW this pillow was stuffed with a towel and will look a lot better tomorrow when I buy the insert on the way to deliver it but, well, I wanted a photo before it goes to live in it's new home.

I have already started the next one and have the idea for the one after. I'm happy!