Sunday, October 26, 2008

Slower than molasses in January!

My Granny was a great one for 'sayings'. My favorite was when she would tell me about the 'loving cup' we all carry around with us. When we do good things our cup fills up...etc. I know it sounds old fashioned now, but as a kid, I loved her stories and sayings.
But now, my computer is losing the plot - thus the 'slow as' saying. It is acting as if it's feet are mired in mud and I expect a squelching sound when it tries to move from one screen to another. I think I have used all it's juice this month already. Probably due to those baseball games I have been watching!
So, shhh, but I am loading this at work today, because it has been ages since I blogged and I miss it. Not that I have that much to show and tell.
I had to laugh at myself last night as I was settling down to my real work after my chores were done. I had three - count them - pairs of specs in my shirt front. One for DVDs, one for reading and one for close up work. Normally I can get away with two pair but I am doing some finer embroidery work at the mo. It isn't too fine but I use my Daddy's reading glasses every chance I get so... Notice they all have browny reddish frames so I have to have glasses on to see which ones I need. Oh, I just try them all on one at a time and see what I can see. It works for me.

And one of the reasons I wanted to do some embroidery was to try out my new thimble. I am a thimble girl. I like having my fingers covered but I don't like the cheap ones you can buy at the cheap shop. First of all they stink after one wear - I guess my finger tips sweat too. And they have no give. I've tried leather ones, plastic one, all kinds of homemade jobbies. But I found this wonderful silicon thimble in the US and I love it. It even has a little air hole. Anyone who does needlework should try it out.

And finally - my first pair of two circular needles socks. They are knit with KnitPicks sock wool, which is very soft and lovely to work with. It was much easier for me than 4 dpns. I have already cast on for some fingerless gloves for someone special and two circs and it is going fast and swimmingly.

By the way - that's my new kitchen counter top showing under my socks.

So - back to work now - well, not my real work - the work I do 2 1/2 days a week somewhere where I get paid - and not for blogging. Please, don't tell.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dogwood is blooming.

I planted my Dogwood tree over 10 years ago when I moved into my house. This is the first year it has ever bloomed and it is really beautiful. This morning I just stood outside and stared at it till I had to get into my car and drive to work. I really love it.

Oh, and rootbeer cupcakes with rootbeer frosting.
I squished the edges putting the lid on the cake tray!! Ooops - I hope noone cares.
And carrot cupcakes for Sean's birthday at work tomorrow.
I told ya I was a baking fool at the mo. Just can't help myself. I'm making everyone else happy but there is a lot of washing up to do!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've been knitting, baking, and watching Lost.

I have been baking like a fool since I came back from Seattle. I've been baking cakes, pies, baked oatmeal, and cookies - chocolate chip mostly. And mostly I have been sharing with friends because otherwise well, I will eat it all myself! Not good.

My comfort food has always been home baked goodies and I guess I have been needing comfort food lately. I still seem to be so sad but my friends all tell me that is normal. Not sure that having an almost pathological need to bake is normal tho. Oh, well.
And I have been knitting and watching Lost every evening. I am up to the middle of the second season now. What the hell is going on? I'm loving it.

Marjanne is getting these socks because she is my heart friend and I love her.
I can't find the ball band - I think I bought this wool up in Sydney at Tapestry Craft and my even have blogged about it. I'll look later. It was nice to knit with and I made little cables down the sides. Simple and easy and good Lost-watching knitting.

I finished the Wildfoote socks too. They were almost done and the pattern was also easy - from My Favorite Socks - Mock Wave Cable by Ann Budd.
And I am teaching myself to knit on two circular needles. This is Knitpicks Kettle Dyed Yarn - Go With the Flow socks. So far I really like knitting with two circs and the Knitpicks yarn is really soft and lovely. I left a couple of balls with my mom and she has made some socks that she really likes too so when she is ready to order more I'll get in on the Knitpicks order. Lucky me!
I decided that 2009 (which I am kindof starting now) will be my year for trying new things - rather, not knitting anything that I have knit before. I need challenges and my knitting is going to be one of them.

OK - I'm off to the kitchen to put the cupcakes in the oven. And there is disc 4 of season 2 and some brown socks to knit on.

Mom and I sat and knit together almost every afternoon while I was in the states. I didn't realize how much I would miss that while I was there, but I do miss it a lot. I miss my son. I miss my mom and my brother. I really miss my Dad. Boy do I need a cupcake.