Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm back online finally - Mom's computer spat the dummy as soon as I got here so it's been until today before I could post anything.
Well, it's been a sweet and sad time but I've had some fun too. Been out and about lots in the past week and I will show you some photos in a later post of where I've been. The weather has not been that great - rained the whole second week of my visit - but, hey, this is Seattle. But it's been cold - down to 10ish over nights and not past 22 all week, a little warmer today. So much for my jealousy tan.
There has been knitting. Girlfriend's granddaughter needed a new cardigan. Lovely Bamboo/wool mix. Look at all the ends I have to weave in - whatever was I thinking? FO next post.

And of course the 'thank you' gifts knit on the spot. Hey, Sugar and Cream cotton at $1 a ball is fantastic. And the yarn shops - well, we have only been to three so far - I'm trying to limit myself and I just can't help but buy stuff when I go inside. I made a big order on Knitpicks this morning and there is at least one more shop I need/have to go to but then I might stop there - help, I dont' know when to stop!
And of course there has been food - really really good food.

Dungeoness Crab
The best Pizza slice I've ever had with really good coffee. (Bakery Noveau)
Followed by serious chocolate cake that I have been dreaming of (seriously) for the past year. Can you see the little chocolate square with the bakery's name on it?
Carl's ciopino. (Oh boy, this one was one to savour)
And Garlic Fries at the baseball game. Real potatos and lots of garlic.
OK - I think that will do for now (there has been more but I don't want to overload you too). I'm off for the long weekend with my girlfriends. I'll talk to you more when I get back.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank God for knitting!

I have had one of the saddest weekends of my life this weekend. I lost my wonderful father. I am on my way to the states to see my beautiful son and the rest of my family and go to my Dad's memorial. I already miss him terribly.

And through it all - I knit. What a comfort. I knit socks. The pattern is not difficult but just enough that I have to pay attention. And when I don't feel like doing anything else it is just the right amount. I can't imagine what I would be doing if I wasn't knitting. Thank God for knitting.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Project Completed!

I've been working on these baby jumpers for so long - I feel a bit all at sea now that they are finished. They have been knit, sewn up, washed and are drying like good little jumpers. I can't wait to send them off to their new little owners - hopefully I will get a photo of them being worn to share with you. I really enjoyed knitting them.

Now I need to find something to start knitting that I will be happy to leave behind in a few days when I leave town. I'm not taking knitting with me - shock, horror. No, I will pick up some needles from my mom and head straight up to the LYS for some new and groovy sock wool. I will need something over there that will be easy to knit with no pattern, and mindless and meditative. Straight vanilla socks are it. Can't wait to get there - I am so looking forward to seeing my family.

Olivia was the only one to respond to my Pay it Forward offer - no other takers?