Sunday, April 27, 2008

I can't believe I don't care!

I am knitting something with my Malabrigo that I brought home with me from my trip last year to Seattle. The colour way is Velvet Grapes. I started out knitting one thing - didn't think the pattern was up to the wool so I changed. I'm pretty sure that this will be a vest but I will see how much I have left, if I can put sleeves into it.
It is an absolute pleasure to knit with - really!! And I can't believe that I don't even care that the front and the back are so different in colour. I still love it and love knitting with it. It is soo soft and I won't want to take it off, whatever it turns out to be.
And because I pulled a muscle in my neck and needed to knit small - there is a new pair of Trekking Socks. They are very soft too. I wore them today with my slip on clogs and had to take them off because they were just too hot on my feet. It's not cold enough for me to wear woolen socks yet. But these will get plenty of wear when Winter is really here.
And - I am reading a Stephen King novel (Duma Key)- for the first time. I have never read anything by Stephen King because I am such a lit snob, and I can't believe that I don't care.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Now Nettie...

Now Nettie .... you have to take a couple of things into consideration. OK?

First - you work a full time job. I work very part time.

Second - you have a grandbaby and a larger family here to pay attention to, than I do (except on Saturdays and the occasional phone call to the US which I will not knit through).

Third - you have a significant other. I don't!!!

And I don't clean my house, mow my lawn, brush my teeth or sleep. Hee hee.

Anyway, I did finish (all except for the buttons, of course) my Baby Surprise Jacket. What a knit of faith. For a while I tried to figure out what I was doing while I was doing it, and then I just let go and knit the instructions. It was liberating in a way. I loved knitting it and it kept my attention the whole time.

I'm not really fussed about the yarn I used. It was some Bendigo something that I dyed ages ago and didn't use it for whatever I dyed it for - duh! But I know that it is machine washable because I do remember I tried to felt some of it and it didn't. Felt, that is. And I ran out right at the end so I used some denim for the button band. It worked out just OK for me.

Anyway, I liked it so much that I will make another one for my gf Soo in the US who is about to have her first grandbaby. I've started looking for the perfect yarn for it - in my stash of course.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

At last.

I found the buttons for the cardigan. The moment I found them in MY OWN STASH I knew they were the ones I wanted to sew on. I salvaged them from something, I can't remember and for me, they are just right.
Now, I have 3 sets of 5 buttons that I will have to find yarn to knit something that they will go with. Bother!!

And Munchkin got his Cobblestone Pullover today. He likes it. And it fits him pretty well. It's a little short in the body but it still looks great on him. And it is surprisingly soft since it was washed.
Good wearing, sweetheart.
On the needles - my first Baby Surprise Jacket. What a treat so far - a real knit of faith. Nothing makes sense so far but I am enjoying it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


My little brother sent me a birthday present. Now that might not seem odd to you. Your extended family is supposed to recognise your birthday, right? And I am so far away and don't get to see them all very often - once every couple of years, so they should send me presents.
Well, my brothers are boys - enough said! (I don't have any biological sisters) And after years of not getting any recognition that I turned another year older I decided to take matters into my hands. I know they love me but birthdays and other dates just don't register. And because I am not there to hassle them weeks before hand I always send them an email the day before my birthday to remind them to send me a happy birthday email tomorrow. Since I started this they have never again missed my birthday - they are good men.
But this year my little brother remember well in advance and sent me this...

Doesn't mean anything to you? Well it does to me. But even I have to wait for the full story because he is away from his phone for the next week and he didn't want to spoil the surprise by telling me ahead of time. I can't wait to hear it. I know he didn't steal it, that's all I know.

But, I also sent a present. This shawl that I knit ages ago. I just blocked it and sent it off to munchkin's day activities school Sharing Places - to auction for a fund raiser. It is lovely and soft - cotton and silk. And long - very long. Hopefully they will get a bit of money. It was knit from
Wendy Knits pattern - the Fir Cone Wrap.
It was very easy and nice to knit. I hope someone loves it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I feel kind of out of control with all these buttons..

I do feel a bit manic about this button hunt. I even went to look in the shop that I said I would never set foot in again in all my life - in Queanbeyan - and found a 'maybe'. Wishy washy me. I want to go to the button shop that Bells went to in Sydney.
You know, I hardly ever shop. I can barely walk into a Mall. The other day I went into Civic to go to a bedwear sale at Target. I walked out with two pairs of sheets (yeah, I wanted them!) and a Single Bed Doona when I thought I was buying a King. Luckily I can give the doona to Munchkin. But now I have to go out into the Retail World, again, to get a doona. Yikes! I am just not into shopping at all. I hate to window shop, I hate hate to shop with anyone else, and I hate other shoppers when they are shopping. I know hate is a big word but I am so paranoid that that is how I feel.
And unfortunately, I have to go into shops to look at buttons. So I guess I am behind the 8 ball from the very start.
Anyway, do you think this button is better? I know the photo is a little blurry again - can you squint?

I am going to Nettie's tomorrow and will ask help from the girls. I know it is ultimately my decision but help is always welcome.
I don't usually have such a hard time finding the perfect thing. Has anyone ever tried to make their own buttons? the brain has another thing to think about!
By the way - another perfect day in Canberra. Just right for a day outdoors and that was me!!