Sunday, September 6, 2009

Knitting for the GrandBub and Emma

I am so excited about having a grandchild. I never imagined how happy it would make me and how complete my little wee family would feel with one on the way - I can't imagine how it will feel when he comes into the world.
In the meantime I found the perfect thing to do with all the sock yarn I have - a biggish stash - well, compared to some of my friends it's really small! But I still have sock yarn that I love. Now I can knit baby vests with the two balls that were previously destined for my feet.
This is Maisy corn fiber yarn bought in Seattle years ago.
Look at this precious ribbon from Cassidy's - with little foot prints.
Perfect for tying up the little kimono style sweater.
And another little cardi. Both are Bendi 4ply cotton - so nice to knit with. I think it will be nice to dress a new little baby in white - they can't ever wear it again once they start eating, really.
I have another project started for GrandBub and now that it is semester break I will try to work on that one too. I still have an essay and a presentation due the first week back from break so I will be busy but I need to catch up on some movies and knitting as well. Priorities!!
The picture of the presents for Emma didn't load so I'll save that for another day.