Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have been knitting too.

But I have also been crocheting. First time for anything other than a border in years. I have always loved this pattern and wanted to do something with it. The only problem is I have to look at it while I do it. Knitting I don't have to look anymore.

These are for my god-daughter's sister. Calorimetry from

Several babies due soon so I am prepared with two boys sweaters - Debbie Bliss inspired cardigans.

And a new spring jacket for Daisy. Just needs to be ironed and mailed.

And finally for me - Multnomah scarf. Really lovely and I wear it a lot.

I have been searching for another crochet afghan pattern that I like because I have a lot of wool to use up before I can buy more - and I am feeling an urge to buy more. So if anyone has any favourites please let me know.