Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mink Pavement Jacket

I always wanted a Mink Coat - naturally I would never have a real one but this Pavement Jacket (for me!) is knit from Bendigo Luxury in Mink. The pattern is from Modern top-down knitting by Kristina McGowan. The pattern was a little fiddly and it was my first top down knitting experience besides the February Baby Jacket (which was much easier to understand thanks to Elizabeth Zimmermann's easy way of explaining!). Not cold enough to wear but I'm sure I will get great enjoyment in a few months. Now - on to a quilt - I feel invincible!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Year of Me Knitting

I've hardly ever knit anything for myself - a scarf, a few pairs of socks, a couple of hats. But for over 10 years of knitting that's not much. Don't get me wrong - I love knitting for other people. Two of my best friends, my DIL, my mother all have knitted sweaters that I think they love. My Grandson and a few of his future friends have baby cardis (I can't stand the idea of children, especially my own grandchild, groaning as their mothers pull a wooly sweater over their little heads which gets stuck halfway over thier faces - remember? And if he says "no, not Granny's sweater' I will cry, so its cardigans for all babies from me). Booties, blankets and bears have all gone to other homes.

So 2011 is going to be for me! I will just think about knitted gaments that I want. I'm going to finish at least one of those quilts that are at various stages of completion, for my bed. And I will crochet some pot holders for my kitchen. I also need a new felted hand bag, thank you very much. I have a 'stock' birthday present project for one and all this year that only takes a few hours to make - and costs various amounts depending on materials - everyone will get one (happily, I hope).

So for now I'm working on the Pavement Jacket from Modern Top Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan. I'm working on the body now - big rows as I am knitting front, back and front at the same time on the long circ. And also knit the Pigeon hat form the same book in a lovely grey 2 ply mix that I bought in the states - now where is that ball band? Its Crystal Palace Yarns - Panda Silk.

I've completed a lovely little scarf in Mini Mochi - Crystal Palace Yarns again.

So far a pretty decent start considering I work and go to uni. I should have a wardrobe to last me years after 2011.