Monday, May 31, 2010

And speaking of a joy to knit with.....

Cashmere and silk wedding cape. Usually it was laced all the way down but she got a little warm by the time I took the photo. It was an absolute joy to knit. I got a knitting patterns book from the public library ( I know - how good it that!) and I can't remember the name of the book - sorry - but I fiddled with the pattern so much that it hardley looks like the one in the book anyway. I knit the light tan in pure cashmere - knitting 8 rows and picking up the stitches from row 1 with row 8 so it made a pleat, and between is two rows of a cashmere silk blend in a darker brown - you can see it slightly on the bottom row. It was a joy to knit and she said it was luxury to wear. (that's a little collette dinigan wedding dress under the cape by the way!). And I noticed lots of wedding guest - friends - absent mindedly stroking the little cape as well. I hope it lasts for as many years as her happy marriage will.

Should we call it the August Baby Sweater down here?

No - it still looks like a February Baby Sweater to me. This one is for little Neve. No idea where the wool came from it's been in the stash that long. I did the 'is this wool ? test' by burning a little bit of it and it came up wool so I'm happy. It's very bright - hope they like it.

And socks for DIL's mom - Bendigo Luxury - in 4 ply - brilliant for socks and so nice to knit with.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bear, mouse,mouse

This bear is enroute to my Grandson - bit like Paddinton but not from Patagonia! Was it Patagonia? I wonder what he will name him?
And the mice are keeping him company (they are for my Grandson's kitten's so they will leave his bear alone!)