Monday, November 16, 2009

Schools out for Summer!

There hasn't been much knitting for the past year in Rhonda's house. I've been busy studying but now I have three months to catch up and knit some things for my grandson!

But first, Barbara had a big '0' birthday so she got a tea cozy from Wild Tea Cosies by Loani Prior. It was pretty easy and turned out really cute. I think she liked it.

And I have started EZ's Mystery Baby Blanket for Junior (that's what my son is calling him for now!) I'm making it out of cream cotton 8 ply. (this picture is pretty fuzzy - oh well, I'll try to get a good one when it's finished)
And the obligatory booties. I make three in case one gets lost. If Mum hates them, well, she will have to hate them a little longer but if she likes them then it's really nice to have a replacement. And it is easy to knit a third. These are from Debbie Bliss but I don't know which book - I copied it out of one I had from the library.

And I am catching up on novel reading, gardening (although it still looks terrible), and sleep. Hopefully I can catch up with friends too (and blogging!) Adios!