Friday, October 28, 2011

Fire Trucks, Star Wars and Baseball

My Grandson is waayy into Fire Trucks at the moment. Everything in his little world stops cold at the sound of a siren. It's hard to find Fire Truck fabric.

Grandson was introduced to Star Wars by his Star Wars crazy father so ... Thanks Sarah Bradberry for the design, our little Storm Trooper has a Bendigo Cotton cap for winter. BTW he isn't 2 yet and loves the Wookie.

I am a huge baseball fan. One of the only ones I know here in Australia - well, one of the only girls I know. My mother is a big fan too so we Skype about it sometimes. I buy a subscription to every year to watch games on my computer. I don't watch too much tv so this is a great time for knitting, crochet etc. And I always have a World Series (I know - it is the worst title for a final since really, it's only the US and one Canadian team in the league although there are mostly players from other countries) project - usually socks. These are Embossed Leaves Socks from Favorite Socks. I'm such a fan of lace patterned socks that are easy but look spectacular. This is a good pattern.

I always worry about running out of wool so I either buy too much or knit short socks. This is a very old ball of Socks that Rock bought 5 years ago in the states so there is no chance of getting more. So I knit part of one, break the yarn, knit part of another, and continue until I run out of wool. This is probably not the most efficient way to do it but at least I will run out of wool at the same spot on both socks if I do. I have some lovely purple sock yarn just in case.

Yesterday's game was the most exciting games I can remember ever watching. Today will be the last game of the year and I won't get those socks done - I have housework to fit in between innings and pitcher changes so I won't have solid knitting time. But I am so excited about this game today - Go Cards.

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