Sunday, April 8, 2012

Third time lucky

In 2007 I bought some Malabrigo yarn while visiting Seattle (it was called Grape something). I loved it. And I still do. I wish I had more.

About 4 years ago I knit a vest - a pretty plain vest. I only wore it three times because it was too short and too wide. So about 3 years ago I frogged it. And I knit another vest, open front and long. I hated it. So about one year ago I frogged it. Now, what happens to yarn that has been knit and frogged twice. Yuk and Yikes. But I love this yarn so I tried again. This is the most forgiving yarn I have ever held in my hands.

I knit the Big Woolly Jumper from The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brocket. I would make a link to it from Ravelry but I can't find it on there.

I absolutely love the fact that I will get to wear it heaps over the next few months. And today is cold enough that since I put it on to take the photo I haven't wanted to take it off. It is soooo soft. If you ever get the chance to knit with it - take it.

I had a trip to Sydney a month ago and of course I went to Morris & Sons and I bought some sock yarn (like I need more sock yarn!!). I fell in love with the Alexandria cowl which is a Morris & Sons pattern and bought the exact yarn that they made the model out of - I almost never do that. I love it and it comes a very close second to my big woolly jumper for my favourite knit for this winter.

Now I have some beautiful red angora (sheds bad!!) I bought on the same 2007 trip that I will be knitting next. It also needs to be frogged from some crazy idea I had that it would be good as a poncho. I will find the perfect pattern, I know I will - I'm on a roll. In the meantime there are socks to knit.

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Olivia said...

Lovely jumper! It's so great that wool finally told you what it wanted to be.